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Real estate and construction practice

Legal due diligence for acquisition of real estate or entering into an investment project;

Project structuring and all-in-one legal support of transactions with real estate and construction, including  reconstruction and construction of new objects;

Evaluation and  proposal generation for minimization legal risks associated with the acquisition or alienation of real estate;

Legal support of property management activities, development of a set of rental documentation;

Participation in the settlement of real estate, design and construction disputes.

Judicial practice

Disputes connected with construction contracts and other contracts in the area of development n and real estate;

Challenging acts, actions and failure to act of state and municipal authorities in the area of construction, land relations, urban development;

Judicial perspective forecast , negative dispute resolution risk management;

Analysis of contractual framework, workflow, organization of the client’s work process for risks during litigation, drafting of recommendations for minimization of relevant risks.

Joint development and construction project financing practice

Development of contractual documentation of the developer and coordination of interaction with interest holders, including disputes about quality and timing of construction;

Support of contractual work with network and resource providing organizations and indirectly connected subscribers;

Identification and recommendations for minimizing risks of private investment in residential and non-residential real estate;

Negotiation support, judicial perspective forecast between private investor and developer, recovery of a penalty for delay of construction; recovery of adequate decrease in the value of low quality real estate.


Mikhail Kovalchuk

Managing partner, attorney, real estate and construction practice chief

Igor Pogudin

Partner, attorney, judicial practice chief

Anastasia Korobeynikova

Partner, attorney, joint development and construction project financing practice chief

Leonid Bodrenko


Anna Gaponova


Elena Antonova

Executive director



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